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How to Get Started with Open Source

Sam Jarman 👨🏼‍💻 on May 25, 2017

This is the 6th post in my Junior Developer Diaries blog series. I’m writing more every week, and you can sign up to hear more and read previous po... [Read Full]
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I’m working on a project to help beginners get started on contributing open source projects.
It’d be awesome if you could check it out and gimme feedback


Thanks mate. Please do share it to people who might find it useful

I just used the project to learn how to make first contributions. Thanks, it helped a lot!


Wonderful post, you're more than welcome to post other parts of the series. 😊


Thanks Ben, that really means a lot coming from you :) I'll be posting the others very soon so more people can benefit from my writing! :)


Sir,I have just studied HTML CSS Bootstrap and heading on to JS.I have no experience in the field.So can u give any sort of suggestions to me for starting my blog here at The Practical Dev or open source contributions.


Click that "Write a post" button on the top left and write what you've done so far. Tell your story.


This is really the push I needed to get started. I've been meaning to put some very simple projects up on Github, to learn how it works and also to learn from anyone willing to contribute. Thank you very much for your post sir.


Alexandros, thank you so much for your comment. It's really motivating to hear this when Im working on this series. Thank you and good luck! <3


Your link to an example CoC (or article about CoC) is just a hash link back to this article. If you happen to have a good link for this, please share. Glad you pointed out that a great repo should have a Code of Conduct. I think they're absolutely necessary.


Good spotting Anthony! Totally agree. I was meaning to link to this -



Awesome post Sam and thanks for share it, you have give me all the information I need to get started in GitHub to contribute to Open Source. :)


There is a typo in "What is important is how you the*m* propose the change." :)


Gosh, why do they put those keys so close together!?


Great post Sir. I'm sure this will help me as I begin my Javascript journey🚐.


Great write-up, Sam. You might have already seen, but GitHub just released the results of their OSS survey.


Thank you for the kind comment, Walker. Good link! Thank you :)

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