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Feedback is almost never wrong (100 Bytes Of Wisdom: Day 60)

Feedback is almost never wrong

This might be a contentious statement to make – but I actually don't think most feedback is wrong. I see it one of two ways.
First – you genuinely have a behaviour to change. You may verify this with a manager or another colleague to confirm, but the behaviour change is needed for a better team.
Second – you're doing the thing they said you're not - so you have work to do in changing the feedback giver's impression. This may be more communication, more demonstration of that behaviour or something else. But prove to them, over time,that you're doing what they wanted you to.

There are rare cases where its straight up wrong, but usually I go digging in those cases to see where that feedback is coming from and usually find the real action item for both of us underneath a few layers of feelings.

Heads up: As with any terse bit of advice, there will be exceptions of course, and subtleties and nuance that can't possibly be captured in a Byte of Wisdom. This has been what I've experienced, I'd love to hear yours in the comments too!

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