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re: Great post. Solid advice. I'd add: a test framework and a mocking framework. (ex. jUnit/Mockito/Powermock.) Getting proficient with these tools and...

Totally agree Chris, and I think my revised post will include a testing framework! (I've played with a few... I use RSpec daily, and have used many others, such as jUnit, Kiwi, KIF, XCTest and more!)

Thanks for bringing it up! Tests are SO important and I'm embarrassed I forgot them, if I'm honest haha.


Don't be embarrassed, Sam! This is a solid article. It seems to be aimed at Jr/mid-level web devs, but I've been doing this for 15 years, and I got plenty out of it. Cheers!


Please pardon the little promotion here, but I actually wrote a testing framework, Goldilocks (part of PawLIB), for C++ that might work in scenarios where others might not. I wrote about it in the third part of this article.

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