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re: Nice article Sam. I'm a side project enthusiast and have built more than few projects to solve my own problems, but the only thing I'm not good at ...

Hey Bilal,

It's a tough one for sure! I guess "launching" can be as easy as a short blog post or even a tweet - don't over think it for now! Just make it public and talk about it. You can even post to ProductHunt if you feel like it! Even if it's a joke

Maintaining isn't really that important unless you keep using it, or others are using it. A "cheat" is to open source it, so people who use it and want to change it can, and you can just keep an eye on any PRs that may come in. No need to maintain something you use once though. Be pragmatic with your time etc :)


Thanks Sam for such a motivating & encouraging reply. I'm going to keep your reply handy for reference whenever I'm working on my side project.

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