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Migrating a QA Team's Test Repo from Testrail to Qase


TestRail just isn't cutting it these days in my opinion. I've found Report generation to be slow, I've had issues maintaining auth sessions, several portions of the UI are slow or difficult to navigate, and feature development feels slow, held back by an aging tech stack.

There are many tools available to testing teams for managing test case repositories. Once I knew I wanted to move my team away from TestRail, I took a look at quite a few options. I wanted something modern, under active developement, with attractive pricing and a good UI.

After comparing features, assessing our needs, and using a few products on trial -- we decided on Qase. It was more affordable for our needs than our existing TestRail account, it included some nice modern features (Dashboards, Test Run Wizard) that we wanted to take advantage of, and it didn't come with too many drawbacks (custom queries are paywalled above our level).

The Migration

Qase will advise you to export your data in XML format, and it will accurately import most of your test data quite well. It struggles with some special characters in the Description/Name field, so check over your tests for any garbled names after import.

There will be some special fields that don't come over, so you may want to also export your TestRail repository as XLS to do some manual cleanup. In our case, we were using the References field to link relevant Shortcut story IDs to our tests. We imported the XLS export into Google Sheets and then collaboratively went to work importing data from the References field into a new custom field in Qase. Sadly, we lost the TestRail feature that allows you to set a baseUrl scheme for these references, allowing one click back to the related ticket, but just storing the numeric IDs as text will work for us moving forward.


Overall, our team is happy with Qase. We love the more modern-feeling UI, and the product feels like it's under much more active development than TestRail.

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