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CODE structure approach ??

Hi guys I'm a Computer science student and also do full-stack development with python Django framework.

I was wondering what would be the best approach to any project from both frontend and backend point of view , I mean that how should I structure my work and what should my approach be ?

  1. should I build out the backend first then make the front end .
  2. should I make the front end first and then afterword's connect the backend ?
  3. or should I do both in parallel

please guide me so that in future I can save time ,
thank you.

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Corey McCarty

I tend toward building things out in the front-end and then putting together the back-end as needed.

If you start in the back-end then you will most likely wind up trying to design/build the whole thing, and then have to refactor once you find an issue in the front-end. Growing both together is the most direct path of growth.

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thank you , i will try your approach and se how that works out for me ,
thanks a lot .

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biagotaski • Edited

In real life, mostly, the back end is the first one chosen because of how you might want to structure the architecture of your software. For example, it's in your plan to scale it in the future? If so, one of the things to look for is the best databases that support significant volumes of data and if their way of handling data won't affect your product.
Another point you can think about, as an example, is all the entities and classes your software will be representing for its goal, etc.

So, it mostly depends on the strategy you think is best for your project. If you're building a front-end portfolio to acquire front-end technology skills, you should definitely go for it first.

Since building up an application have a higher chance of being complex, you can think about solutions on the infrastructure side like this one.
The proposal of a Developer Control Plane is to make infrastructure less complicated and enable devs to focus only on code without harming the project as a whole.

Happy learning!