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Dynamic Angular Blog Without Writing Any API

I created this Angular project which is a blog application without writing a single line of API.

You might have seen applications talking to backend APIs trying to do CRUD operations and fetch their data.

This is great and gives you a lot of flexibility, but what if you want to create a simple application like a blog where you just need data for your Angular application and all you are worried about is the SEO and the presentation of this Angular project.

Well here is where a headless CMS like Contentful comes into picture.

Contentful is a headless cms and is a content management platform to create, manage and publish content on any digital channel.
So in simpler terms, we will not be creating any backend service to save content for our application in databases, instead we will use contentful which will do this job for us.

This will save us a lot of effort and we don't have to manage the backend api.

I have this video tutorial for you in which I create a Angular website from scratch using Contentful.

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