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Planning process for Middle-sized Projects

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Any business project (reducing energy costs, or improving efficiency) needs to be planned, and time spent planning will save far more time later on. The Typical stages in this planning process are explained here:

  • 1~st~ Task: Is to spot what needs to be done. Examine your firm's current position, by (maybe) making a SWOT Analysis (==is a strategic planning technique used to help a person or organization identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning==)


  • 2~nd~ Step is to decide precisely what ==aim== of your plan is. In a single clear sentence, to ensure that it's clear and sharp in your mind. It will avoid wasting effort on irrelevant issues.
  • Next, you should work on how to do it. It is tempting just to grad the first idea that comes to mind, but considering a wide range of options is better (so that you may come with less obvious but better solutions).
  • After you have explored the options available to you, the selection of which option to choose (use) is the next step. depending on time and resources you have, you might decide to evaluate all options, carrying out some planning, like costing, for each (Normally won't have this luxury).
  • Now you already have a board idea of what your project will consist of. So it's the time to work on full details, identifying the most effective & efficient method of carrying it out, including answering the questions of who, what & when.
  • 6~th~ Step: is to review your plan and decide whether it will work satisfactorily, this evaluation enables you to change to other option that might be more successful, or to accept that no plan is needed.
  • Once you have finished your plan an decided that it will work satisfactorily, it is time for ==implementation==. You plan will cover how this is to be done.
  • Last but not least, Once you have achieved a plan, you can close the project. at this point it is often worth assessing the project to see whether there are any lessons that you can learn.

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