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What music are you coding to?

samba_code profile image Sam Atkinson twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Leaving aside the debate about whether you should have headphones on or make yourself approachable, what music have you been listening to this week (or in general) to get into Flow?

I'm a huge fan of The American Dollar, in particular 'music for focus and creativity' and 'music for chilling out'.

There's a great album by Eluvium called 'False readings on' too. They also have an album called 'shuffle drones' for when you just need some white noise.

Also love the 'Deep Focus' play list on Spotify.

On the heavier side I'm loving the new architects album for when I'm in a furious mood post meetings :)

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Sabaton, Turisas, Twilight Force, Falconer, Hammerfall, DragonForce, occasionally Elvenking.

The issue for me is not so much staying focused as staying motivated (as long as I'm motivated, I have essentially zero issues staying focused, even in conditions that would otherwise make it almost impossible for most people to focus), and few things do a more reliable job of motivating me than European power metal, symphonic metal, and folk metal.


Harry Potter! Puts me in an explorative, adventurous mood :)


Ah wow, I can't listen to audio books and podcasts when programming, my brain can't focus on both things at once. The HP books are my default for falling asleep to, something about Stephen Fry's voice gets me to sleep in no time!


R.E.M., U2, coldplay, and the like. current track: Pretty Persuasion R.E.M.


In generals, rap (spanish-english)

I think I'm a bit of rare


I've been going through some stuff lately so it has mostly been sadb0i hip-hop on repeat.


The Eraser is a brilliant album full stop but especially for programming. Putting it on now, it's been a while!

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