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samarth bhadane
samarth bhadane

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day 1,

marking my first day of diving into programming today. On the technical part, I'm writing this blog, only with some knowledge of basic C programming stuff, & that's it. I've done nothing much except installing vscode & have been a lil confused at first, for choosing a particular language to begin with. Python, JavaScript, c++ were only the names that I've heard till now, so I really had a tough time, focusing on one thing. I was not preferring any courses at first, personally believing that building actual projects would be a better way to learn, & I still do. I consulted some of my friends, & got two recommendations, one for switching to Linux & second for starting with next.js. I created a next.js file, named it 'xyz', & played with it for a while, figuring my way around. but I can say that it surely is something that I could work with, as a beginner. bout switching onto Linux, I'm not sure if I really want to switch OS at the moment, but let's see what happens next.
p.s. I wanna share my blogs with an audience, so that I would have a platform to discuss the problems I'd face throughout the journey & personally keep a record of my progress as well.

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Dennis Tobar


Day 1 of your journey... please, keep yourself as a new start in your life. I recommend you start with something you feel comfortable with: I've started with Windows and then switched to Linux (Fedora in my case) because I feel more flexible to admin my virtual machines, which seems to be more stable.

A piece of advice: try to understand the problems instead of only looking for the code; do it, refactor, and do it again...

See you around: )

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samarth bhadane Author • Edited on

thanks for the advice! I'll look forward, practicing this way...

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