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Integrating requestly mobile debugger in PostBook App

Hello Everyone, My name is Samanvay Arya and I am developing android applications for more than 1 year.
I recently came to know about a wonderful tool developed by 'requestly' named requestly mobile debugger.
I read about it and gather some information from the wonderful documentation given by requestly.
After reading and researching, I was excited to test it so, I created PostBook (a mobile App) which shows fake posts posted by fake users.

Picture of the application is attached to this post.

Image description
Image description

points to use in PostBook

  1. you can check the comments and also hide them with a single tap.

    1. App has edge case also covered like if you use it without internet then it will show retry message. Image description
    2. you can check the video for more details.

Steps for implementing requestly debugger in PostBook

  1. go to
  2. select mobile debugger on the window.
  3. create a new app and generate an SDK key for your app.
  4. you will be given 5 lines of code. paste the first two lines in your build. gradle file of the android app.
  5. paste the rest of the 3 lines to the activity where you have called the API.
  6. Now run the app and copy the deviceId given in the notification on the mobile and paste that on the requestly panel.
  7. Now you can see the API information on both websites and on your mobile phone as well.


Some screenshots of requestly analysis on the mobile phone.


Image description
Image description
Image description


requestly mobile debuggers is a brilliantly designed tool to help and reduce the work of a mobile app developer.

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