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Make up for Rails console

Peeps!!!! i felt that i should have done this earlier... Being a ROR dev i really feel uncomfortable to examine this default rails console. A linter or formatter for this problem might be a solution. Now comes the magic..scroll bottom !!!!
Alt Text
##### BOOOM #####
Alt Text

Just follow these 3 steps and make the magic happen!!!

  • Just add awesome_print gem in development group in Gemfile which is located in root path of your application.
group :development do
   gem 'awesome_print'
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  • Add this code block in by doing vim ~/.pryrc
require "awesome_print"
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and save it by :wq!

  • This file is called when our rails console starts. so no need of running source ~./pryrc

Here you go.. just play around rails console now . PEACE
For more details you can refer documentation

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sowmyasamala profile image
Sowmya Samala

Haha this seems simple now!

nikhil_devarasetty profile image
Nikhil Devarasetty

power packed my console now, Thanks a lot mate. Great help keep going๐Ÿ‘