This Week I Learned Vol 2.

Sam Ferree on March 02, 2018

Really enjoyed the responses I got last week, so I thought I'd go for round 2!

Share anything you learned, no need to be dev related.

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For me, I finally took the time to deep dive into flexbox, and boy do I feel silly for still centering content by setting a width and margin: auto...

Also really enjoyed the following posts

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This week I re-learned the necessity for clear, no-frills communication, in addition for the need to have a good focus in your own personal brand as a software dev. I really, really hate the term "personal brand" but upon speaking to another colleague (and an extremely helpful post on it) I now take it as "how ppl can easily understand your work and your ambitions". I've interviewed every day this week, and so these two notions have been continually underscored for me 🔑


This week I learned how to use Bookshelf.js for a web api I'm working on.

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