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Bank phishing by email: best way to prevent it

TypeScript: Bank phishing by email: best way to prevent it

No one is safe from Pishing attacks, especially bank Phising. Large and small companies in all industries are being attacked repeatedly. Phishing is so popular with cybercriminals because it provides them with access to the most vulnerable part of any network: the end users. Bank Phishing is increasingly being used to facilitate access by criminal organizations to the financial resources of individuals and businesses.

Bank Phishing by email: the main risk to your pocket

Phishing refers to fraudulent emails that trick recipients into sharing their personal, financial or security information.

Cybercriminals assume that people are busy so they will not detect the fraudulent mail and fall into the trap. This risk is especially difficult to detect from a mobile phone.

Modus operandi: how cyber criminals act in email phishing attacks.

Bank Phishing by email always has the following characteristics:
The emails may appear identical to the type of correspondence sent by real banks.
They copy the logos, design and style of the real emails.
They use language that conveys a sense of importance and urgency.
They ask you to download an attachment or click on the link.… !

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