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The Rise of No-Code (dude, where's my code)

On the latest episode of Salted Bytes, James and I tore into a veritable buffet of no-code web development platforms.

From Wix and Squarespace to Zapier via Google Sheets (did we just invent a new startup?), we talk about how no-code platforms provide much-needed glue between the myriad SaaS behemoths slugging it out for your time, attention and subscription dollars. But not everything is as rosy as some no-code proponents would say - we discuss some of the pitfalls of going all-in on no-code: anyone for some of that sweet vendor lock-in?

No-code is a polarising topic and super popular here on (check out, but contrary to some of the views we've seen James & I think no-code has it's place in a thriving digital marketplace and actually empowers business / product owners to either raise their game or push for that little bit of extra innovation (as a treat).

In researching this episode we found a whole bunch of super-salty takes on no-code from devs across the Twitterverse, from the thoughtful and considered to the downright savage - and we include them here for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Holy Salt!

Alt Text

How could you say something so brave and so true

How could you say something so brave and so true



It is like cloud

It is like cloud

Low-effort Twitter screencaps aside, we're really interested to see what the NextBigThingTM in no-code is, and even more interested to see if no-code continues to be such a polarising topic... or whether one day it'll sink into the doldrums of every day office life, like Clippy and and that guy who writes Excel macros.

James & I think no-code is a valuable part of the web dev ecosystem, and here to stay - what do you think? Why not check out our latest episode at the links below and let us know in the comments!

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Sohail Pathan • Edited

The no-code space is gaining popularity despite criticism from the developer community. New tools are being launched on Product Hunt almost every day, but many of them lack complex capabilities and may address the same problem. This is my observation.

I've throughly discussed the limitations of no-code and how no-code users can take advantage of third-party APIs in this detailed blog: