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JavaScript Developer Roadmap: Zero to Hero


Hi guys and girls!!

Today I will share the helpful tutorial links that helped me learn the Core Basic and advanced JavaScript for the past two years.

When I started my journey as a backend developer, I was pretty confused about choosing training topics and courses. So I am sharing those topics with links that helped me the most.

After that, I will share valuable tips to make development easy daily.

So let's get started.


Whether you are a frontend dev or backend, without core JavaScript concepts, you would never be able to solve problems and write logic.

Also, JavaScript's behaviour in different situations is quite surprising.


  1. Start with three types of variable declaration available in JS: var, let and const. Learn about their difference, scope and which to use when.
  2. DatatypesLearn about the datatypes in JS. Learn about the classes of datatypes available to access methods that come with them. For starters, learn about String and Number classes.
  3. Objects and ArraysJavascript is all about objects and arrays. The more you are comfortable accessing and manipulating these, the merrier it will impact your coding.
  4. Loopsto manipulate objects and arrays.

Once you get hands-on with these topics, Youll learn about functions and conditional statements.

Learn more about function, its scope and types from here.

After getting a perfect knowledge of these topics, you can learn popular libraries primarily used in frontend and backend JS projects which are lodash and dayjs. They provide utility functions for arrays and objects, and dates, respectively.


Lets dive deeper into advanced JavaScript concepts.

  1. Variable Hoisting in JS, skip it if you already go through it while learning about variable declarations.
  2. Arrow functions
  3. Learn about asynchronous JS with: Promises, Callbacks, and async/await.
  4. Call, apply and apply in JS
  5. JS Timing Events: setTimeout and setInterval
  6. JS Event Loop

Lastly, If you are more of a Video person than a reading person, then check out this series available on YouTube: Namaste JavaScript.

Learning these topics in detail may help you crack any JS interview as a fresher or beginner role. Mostly the mentioned topics are asked in JS/NodeJS/React interviews.

Thats all for JS. Comment if I missed something.

After learning the basics of JS, Either you can start with NodeJS for backend development as a beginner or move to React/Angular for frontend development.

Some Useful Tips

  1. Use VSCode IDE to code in JS.
  2. Set up ESlint in your projects to follow linting rules and fix errors during development. Use this extension.
  3. Add comments while working on any large or Small projects. Use this extension. You can check my article on this topic.
  4. If you are a fresher, Learn basic Git and its commands along with learning JS and push everything on Git that your code.

Thats it for this article. In the following article, we will learn about backend development with NodeJS, APIs and databases.

About Me

I am a Backend Developer at DhiWise.

You can follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter for more tech updates.

Keep codingπŸ‘©πŸ’», and keep developing great apps. Bye. πŸ‘‹

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