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5 Flutter app Ideas to kickstart your development

Are you a Flutter newbie?

Do you want to kickstart your development journey with some real-time applicationsby getting hands-on with Flutter?

As many of my developer friends describe, one of the most difficult things to do after learning any language is to implement the same. Practice can be tricky as you need to get more familiar with fundamentals and industrial standards. Thats not always easy if you need to code from the scratch.

Well, we hear you. Wear a seat belt and sit tight. We shall now be embarking on an insightful journey.

But first, the deets:

What is Flutter, and why should you choose it?

We interact with thousands of applications on our smartphones. These apps are developed using pre-built app development frameworks like Kotlin, SwiftUI, and Flutter. The latter is the best among them, in terms of usability.

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It allows you to create beautiful, natively built, and multiplatform apps from a single codebase.

Yes, you read that right. THE GOOGLE develops it.

Flutter provides an insane range of widgets as it is a UI kit, and the codebase uses dart language to write the business Logic.

We are sure that you would like to read more. So lets jump right in:

There are two ways you can build the application on or rather with Flutter. Either you build it from scratch to pass the learning curve, or take the readymade UI kit of Flutter and manipulate real-time data around it.

I will list the Application ideas from beginner to advanced levels.

1. ToDo

It is a basic yet fascinating application for managing ToDos.

While building this application, you can learn about widgets, layouts, responsiveness, and state management. These are all the fundamentals of a Flutter eco-system, which require hands-on.

You can add features like implementing new todos and descriptions, checking them off, adding favorites, and anything else that floats your boat.

For storing the data, you can use shared preferences, which is part of the fundamentals.

2. Calculator

It is an app meant for learning to write simple business logic for a flutter application using dart language for beginners. The app includes functions, loops, and conditional statements.

While developing a UI, you can get an overview of the Row and Column widgets.

For starters, you can include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once done, you can add other exciting calculation features like currency conversion or scientific calculations.

3. TickTacToe Game

A game application: meant to learn the basics while having fun.

Building this app will help you get a stronger knowledge of UI widgets and business logic.

Either you can build a two-player game, or if you are good at writing algorithms, you can go for a single-player vs machine game. The choice is yours!

4. E-commerce

Well, now things are getting serious. Comes Ecommerce where almost everything is in one appfrom the Signup/ SignIn to products, details, orders, wishlist, and obviously, payments.

You need to have a dedicated backend to manage the data of your e-commerce application.

You can use Firebase or Supabase integration for authentication and data management. Or you can separately use Airtable APIs to store data. The usage depends solely on your requirements.

With that, you will learn how to manage real-time data in your application, as it is a basic requirement of any industrial app development event.

5. Movie Streaming

After learning APIs and other integrations in your application, you can play around with video streaming widgets to build this app.

From the ToDo app to a streaming app, you cover more than the fundamentals and conceptual aspects of any mobile and flutter application Development.

Make sure you dive deep into the Lifecycle methods of any Flutter application, which will help you solve the bugs more efficiently.

In a Nutshell

If you are into learning tech, you must start it somewhere. And learning tech hands-on is the best way to do it.

I have shared multiple ideas in this article, which you can select based on your knowledge of Flutter.

You must be thinking why I havent shared any projects git links because rather than checking my code, Take my suggestion and,

Go to DhiWise, Build a Flutter application with available templates and screens to start your Flutter journey, and have fun learning Flutter. Here is the Guide to Get Started with it.

Hopefully, I have motivated you enough to get started Fluttering.

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