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Docker , Docker Compose Docker Swarm Vs Kubernetes

Docker is the core technology used for containers and can deploy single containerized applications.

When do we use docker ?

when you want to deploy a single (network accessible) container.

Docker Compose is used for configuring and starting multiple Docker containers on the same host a single host machine.
so you don't have to start each container separately.

And Used for running multiple containers as a single service. Each Of the containers here run in isolation but can interact with each other when required.

When do we use docker compose?

when you want to deploy multiple containers to a single host from within a single YAML .

Docker swarm is a container orchestration tool that allows you to run and connect containers on multiple hosts.

Docker swarm can do tasks like :

  • Scaling
  • Start a new container when one crashes
  • Networking containers and many more

When do we use docker swarm ?

when you want to deploy a cluster of docker nodes (multiple hosts for a simple , scalable application

Kubernetes known as "K8s" is a container orchestration tool that is similar to Docker swarm, but has a wider appeal due to its ease of automation and ability to handle higher demand.

And Also our usual question

When do we use Kubernetes ?

when you need to manage a large deployment of scalable , automated containers.

In The end, it is just a definition for beginners and when u want to make a quick review before the interview hope it is useful!

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