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Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions you should use as a web developer

Here are ten top Visual Studio Code extensions that you might find useful as a web developer:

  1. Live Server: This extension allows you to run a local development server with live reloading, so you can see your changes in the browser as you make them.
  2. Prettier: This extension automatically formats your code according to a consistent style, saving you time and helping you to avoid common coding errors.
  3. ESLint: This extension checks your code for errors and potential problems, and provides suggestions for how to fix them.
  4. Debugger for Chrome: This extension allows you to debug your JavaScript code using the Chrome DevTools directly from within Visual Studio Code.
  5. IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML: This extension provides autocomplete suggestions for CSS class names in your HTML files, making it easier to style your pages.
  6. Auto Close Tag: This extension automatically adds closing tags to your HTML and XML elements, saving you time and reducing the chance of coding errors.
  7. GitLens: This extension provides enhanced Git integration, including advanced history and blame information, code lens, and more.
  8. Path Intellisense: This extension provides autocomplete suggestions for file paths in your code, making it easier to navigate your project and avoid errors.
  9. Project Manager: This extension allows you to easily switch between different projects and save your workspace layout, so you can quickly pick up where you left off.
  10. Color Picker: This extension provides a color picker that you can use to easily select and insert colors in your CSS files.

Overall, these are just a few examples of useful Visual Studio Code extensions for web development. There are many other extensions available, and the specific ones you use will depend on your preferences and the specific needs of your project.

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Al - Naubit

Hey! Thank you for this, I liked it ;) keep writing, you got my follow!

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