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Why create Apps and Themes with Salla

Apps are one of the most popular tools currently used in E-commerce platforms. They can enhance the store’s performance by offering additional services. Themes are also the new trend for online stores, the store theme can have a great impact on the store visuals enhancing the customer's experience. With the current growth in E-commerce platforms in Saudi Arabia, the need for Apps and Themes is on the rise. Requiring more to fulfill the needs of the online store Merchants. To provide more Apps and Themes, Salla provided a fully equipped platform for its partners to create Apps and Themes for Salla stores while getting a great return on investment.

Creating Apps and Themes with Salla, will guarantee a hassle-free transaction from development to deployment.

What you get when creating Apps and Themes with Salla

Thousands of active Salla stores may be reached by using the Salla platform to create Apps and Themes, giving you a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the practical usefulness of your developed products. Join the group of leading companies using our platform, including Google, TikTok, UPS, and many more. You can also gain from several things, such as:

  • Premium Apps and Themes Developing

Develop premium Apps and Themes and sell them on a monthly/yearly basis. Using the Salla pricing strategy you will find the support you need to help you manage your income from Salla.

  • Salla platform markets your Apps services

Salla being the leading provider of Online store services with forty-seven thousand retail shops, opens a wide range of opportunities for App and Theme purchases.

  • Compatibility assurance

Apps and Themes built by Salla platforms will fully integrate with Salla stores. By using the tools and features provided by Salla and adhering to the Salla regulations your developed products will be able to fully integrate across the Salla platform.

  • Faster checkups and maintenance.

The developers will have a better overview of their Apps and Themes performance and will be able to receive updates they need to make, should there be any.

  • Trial Apps

Build trial Apps for free to attract buyers into buying the full package. Salla offers the opportunity to build free Apps to help promote your App.

  • Steady Income

Ensure a steady income from various stores. You can sell your Apps and Themes to more than one Merchant, this will allow you to make a profit from more than one store. Additionally, for Apps, you can make exclusive Apps for specific Merchants.

  • Features documentation

Salla platform provides a better development experience with our full guides written by developers for developers. Tools created by Salla are backed with full documentation, covering all the topics to help customers thoroughly understand what the features have to offer and the best practices to achieve their goals. Moreover, rich developer-oriented blogs and tutorials cover both app and theme development, best strategies, and more.

  • Join a community of passionate developers

A collection of passionate developers joining forces and exchanging their knowledge all in one place.

  • A support team for developers

Have a support team ready to help and solve your technical issues, Salla also provides a dedicated team offering support to the developers, all you need to do is book an appointment and they handle your case thoroughly.

  • *Grow a circle of customers *

Salla is one of the largest suppliers of e-commerce solutions due to the targeted market size of the Salla platform. With over 20 million online consumers in Saudi Arabia who purchase around 248 USD/person every day. To sell their Apps and Themes with Salla, developers are looking at a sizable market.

Additional benefits offered by Partners Portal

Salla Partners Portal offers a wide range of tools that can provide a wholesome experience, such as:

  • Events tracking
    • The Webhook log allows the developer to track failed events that occurred in their Apps.
  • Demo stores
  • Salla Copouns
    • The developer can Add coupons for better App market exposure.
  • Custom Webhook Headers.
  • Manage Payouts
    • Payouts from Apps, Themes, and bills for Shipping Apps are all centeralised in one place. Developers can view the history and upcoming payouts.
  • Add Employees to your team
    • Grow your team and manage them with the team managing tool, and enable them to manage your Apps and Themes.

In short, with Salla Partners, you are enabled to make top-notch apps and themes for a great opportunity for developers to make passive income. Salla helps connect Partners to lots of Merchants and provides good support. It makes it easy for Partners to sell their Apps and Themes to many stores, ensuring a stable income.

Salla's platform makes sure apps and themes work well, gets updates quickly, and offers free trials to attract Merchants. Partners also get helpful guides, a friendly community, and quick support.

Through the Partners Portal, there are extra tools like tracking events, testing stores, Salla coupons, and managing teams. Overall, building apps and themes with Salla is a way to grow and succeed by reaching a large group of Merchants and improving your work as well as making passive income. If you are facing any issues or have further questions, be part of the Global Developer Community on </Salla Developers> and visit the knowledgebase for more practical articles and tutorials.

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