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Empowering Developers through the Salla Partners Portal: A New Era of Endless Possibilities

The Salla E-Commerce platform has become a dependable backbone of Saudi Arabia business community in recent years. We are now on the verge of a new chapter as Salla sets out to explore unexplored waters and unheard-of prospects. With great excitement, we present the Salla Partners Portal—the ultimate gateway that will unlock endless possibilities of your Apps and Themes and rocket them to extraordinary success.

Salla's Commitment to Entrepreneurial Triumph

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At its heart, Salla is an online e-commerce powerhouse that provides the launching pad for aspiring Merchants to establish, operate, and expand their businesses. Driven by comprehensive support and cutting-edge features, Salla serves as the foundation upon which to build your industry success. Within this dynamic platform, you wield the power to:

  • Set up your store within minutes, all while adhering to budget-friendly fees.

  • Seamlessly manage inventory and introduce new products to your storefront.

  • Capitalize on comprehensive support encompassing payment methods, shipment services, and robust marketing tools.

  • Elevate your store's efficiency by assembling a dedicated team.

  • Uncover invaluable insights into your business/products' performance through detailed reports.

  • Engage customers with meticulously designed, personalized user interfaces that resonate with their preferences.

Today, the embodiment of these impressive features has taken a huge leap forward with the unveiling of the Partners Portal. This innovation is more than just a launch – it's a representation of simplicity and user-friendliness, enabling aspiring Merchants to embark on their online business ventures with utmost ease.

Empowering Developers: A World of Infinite Potential within the Salla Partners Portal

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For developers, Salla Partners Portal provides limitless opportunities. To craft custom Apps and Themes with intuitive tools, supported by comprehensive documentation, blogs, and tutorials. All with the responsive support from the Salla team ensures your success journey.

Crafting Custom Apps and Themes for Salla Merchants

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By leveraging Salla's API keys/secrets, and in-house tools, developers can create custom Apps that work seamlessly with Salla stores. Furthermore, the portal empowers developers to create custom themes through the innovative Twilight Engine.

Design & Architecture: Pioneering the Path of Innovation

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Salla embraces a container-based architecture and an integrated CI/CD pipeline, streamlining the launch of minimum-viable products while adhering to industry best practices. Our APIs are meticulously designed with RESTful architecture principles and industry standards at their core.

Comprehensive Documentation: A Beacon for Informed Choices

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The path to integration is illuminated by our comprehensive, developer-centric documentation. Underpinned by RESTful architecture principles, our APIs cover a spectrum of topics, including the Salla CLI, Shipping and Order Fulfillment, Merchant API and Twilight Themes, providing a robust foundation for informed decision-making.

Blogs and Tutorials: A Developer's Treasure Trove

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Stay ahead of the curve with our dynamic collection of blogs and tutorials, meticulously curated for developers. This resource hub showcases Salla APIs in action, offers hands-on App integrations, real-world examples, and peer-to-peer guidance.

Responsive Support: Your Steadfast Partner

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Navigating technical challenges is a breeze with our dedicated support team, available during working hours. Whether you have inquiries, challenges, or suggestions, we're here to provide the necessary guidance and solutions.

The Journey Ahead with Salla

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Salla Partners Portal isn't just about innovation; it's about embracing the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and triumph. As Salla Partners Portal takes center stage, developers stand at the forefront of an era poised for transformation. With fully equipped tools offered such as My Subscriptions, Stores, Employees, Coupons, Payments, Webhook Logs and Help Center.

My Subscriptions: This feature is offered to manage the developed Apps and Themes linked to the account

Stores: For Demo and Developments stores, the demo stores are used to test developers products on, while Development stores for developing customized stores tailored to Merchants needs.

Employees: Enabling Salla partners to manage teams that can access services offered by Salla.

Coupons: The promotional tool to make your Apps available at promotional prices with the ability to manage the amount of coupons and durations.

Payments: The financing solution to manage the Payouts received by the developer and the Billings required by Salla for Shipping Apps.

Webhooks Log: The center for viewing the successful and failed webhook events.

Help Center: A knowledge base for Partners Resources and FAQs.

Join us, and be part of a global community of developers on Telegram, as we redefine e-commerce development, unveiling a portal that knows no bounds. Welcome to Salla Partners Portal – your steadfast companion on the path to realizing your aspirations!

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