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Group Conversation on Remote Working

I was happy to sit down with Robert Sösemann, Elizabeth DeGroot, LeeAnne Rimel, Peter Chittum and Kevin Poorman to have an in-depth conversation about our experiences working from home. Personally, I used to have a standard commute – nowadays my immediate co-workers have been a couple of cats. In this session, we talk about a wide variety of topics, but focus on challenges in working remotely; including maintaining a healthy mental and physical lifestyle, productivity tips on getting things done while finding personal time, and working with team members over the Internet. Some key highlights include:

  • The importance of keeping a routine, even when your schedule is without cues (like a daily commute)

  • Making time and space that is both dedicated and distinct from work

  • How aspects of the development cycle can provide cues for work throughout the day

  • What kind of hardware is important in setting up your office space – especially the chair

  • Tips on what to do if you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated room for work

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Group Conversation on Remote Working video

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