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Leetcode Solutions: Queries on a Permutation With Key

Given the array queries of positive integers between 1 and m, you have to process all queriesi according to the following rules:

In the beginning, you have the permutation P=[1,2,3,...,m].
For the current i, find the position of queries[i] in the permutation P (indexing from 0) and then move this at the beginning of the permutation P. Notice that the position of queries[i] in P is the result for queries[i].
Return an array containing the result for the given queries.

class Solution:
    def processQueries(self, queries: List[int], m: int) -> List[int]:

        P, result = list(range(1, m + 1)), []

        for q in queries:

            index = P.index(q)


            P = [P.pop(index)] + P

        return result

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