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Leetcode Solutions: Product of Array Except Self

Here is the text of problem:

Given an integer array nums, return an array answer such that answer[i] is equal to the product of all the elements of nums except nums[i].

The product of any prefix or suffix of nums is guaranteed to fit in a 32-bit integer.

You must write an algorithm that runs in O(n) time and without using the division operation.

Here is my different solution:

class Solution(object):
    def productExceptSelf(self, nums):

        p = 1

        zeroCount = 0

        if all([num == 0 for num in nums]):
            return nums

        for num in nums:
            if num == 0:
                zeroCount += 1
            p *= num 

        p = p if zeroCount < 2 else 0

        res = []

        includeZero = 0 in nums

        for num in nums:
            if num == 0:

            elif includeZero:
            elif num != 0:

        return res

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