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Leetcode Solutions: Check If a Word Occurs As a Prefix of Any Word in a Sentence

Given a sentence that consists of some words separated by a single space, and a searchWord, check if searchWord is a prefix of any word in sentence.

Return the index of the word in sentence (1-indexed) where searchWord is a prefix of this word. If searchWord is a prefix of more than one word, return the index of the first word (minimum index). If there is no such word return -1.

A prefix of a string s is any leading contiguous substring of s.

Here is my solution:

class Solution(object):
    def isPrefixOfWord(self, sentence, searchWord):
        :type sentence: str
        :type searchWord: str
        :rtype: int

        s = sentence.split(" ")

        for i, word in enumerate(s):
            if word.startswith(searchWord):
                return i + 1

        return -1

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