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What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

HacktoberFest is all about spreading the love for open source software, and my contributions this month demonstrated a significant commitment to our cause - An Eco WebApp.

I get to be an inspiration to someone who can leave their mark, or introduce a complete beginner to the world of open-source.

HacktoberFest2020 is concerned about saving the environment and so is me. I contributed to an Eco WebApp, "GrowGreen" under Developer Student Clubs, IGDTUW.

  • I learned team spirit.
  • I assimilated ways to find unique solutions to common problems like global warming.
  • I got connected to the theme and get to know many points of view. After knowing a project idea and workflow, the urge to continue working on this project increases.
  • It is my first time working on a backend project. I used React.js and many frameworks are still left to be used.
  • I wish this project become a huge success.
  • May it reaches people all around the world and together we make this world a better place.

Project I worked on:

  • Grow Green that allows contributors worldwide to create awareness about the environment and do their bit by contributing.
  • People can post, view, earn & become a part of a community that is putting a bit by bit daily to improve the ecology.
  • There is a whole personalized view of this app that users can avail of.
  • It provides a social platform for organic shop, nursery, agricultural commerce to grow and earn.

Vision & goals:

After brainstorming, the team gets to know many further benefits of this app. For example, Soil testing through 'Machine Learning and Data Mining'. Farmers can get direct digital reports from Government/private testing labs including some suggestions to improve their farm quality and quantity.

Want to know more/ contribute?
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Contribute to HacktoberFest. The perks are premium and renowned.

Happy Hacking 🤟♥

🤝Connect with me: GitHub | Linkedin | Twitter

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