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What programming language you don't like?

Question is pretty simple, and yup don't forget to mention why you don't like a particular language.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

JavaScript is easily at the top of my list, though giving a complete list of why I dislike it would take far too long. Major pain points for me include:

  • this should speak for itself. I despise the use of 'magic' keywords for object self-reference, there is no reason whatsoever to not simply pass the object that a function is a method of as the first argument to that function and have the function body operate on it that way, which gives the programmer much more explicit control over the actual scoping of the object reference.
  • There's no way to synchronously wait on an asynchronous task (and no, await does not count, because it makes you asynchronously wait on an asynchronous task, because any context you use await from has to be asynchronous). Despite what many of the language designers claim, this actually is an important thing for the sanity of coders (it avoids having to rely on closure semantics to handle variables properly for things that are supposed to happen after an asynchronous task completes).
  • The native module functionality is overly convoluted for no good reason and it's overall design makes it very slow at runtime for any reasonably sized project.
  • All numbers are 64-bit floats, unless you get lucky and have a system that supports BigInt, and even then you're limited in what you can do because of a number of potentially nasty implications of using BigInt (for example, you need to do special checking to ensure type coercion doesn't result in loss of precision, and can't control the rounding mode for operations that would result in fractions (they unconditionally truncate any fractional part)).
  • I'm not fond of prototype-based object models in general.

C++ is also a rather strong contender as a language I dislike, though this is more about how people choose to use it than the language itself.

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Paul Johnson

Bash, I avoid it when I can by writing python, but sometimes you just have to deal with it :(