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Open Source tools for monitoring I/O & Storage

No. Name Metrics Open Source Special Comments
1 sysstat IOPS count, CPU load, number of tasks created, average load statistics by date, Virtual memory, paging and fault stats, CPU interrupt count, Network throughput, File system utilization Yes -
2 darshan Average I/O cost per Process, IOPS count, Access Size (POSIX) No Only Derivative works allowed
3 grafana - Yes It is a graphing tool, needs an external data source
4 iosnoop I/O Latency Yes -
5 iolatency Latency distribution, Block I/O queue time. Yes -
6 bitesize Block I/O size Distribution Yes -
7 syscount Syscall count by syscall name Yes -
8 uiuc-recorder Number of I/O function calls Yes -
9 iotop I/O utilization Yes -
10 iostat IOPS count, storage utilization, request response latency Yes -
11 hpcmd GFLOP/sec, memory bandwidth, algorithmic intensity, network avg transfer rates, utilization and memory usage of GPUs Yes -
12 smartctl Prediction of storage device failure, throughput performance Yes It checks the S.M.A.R.T status of the storage devices

If you want to know more about these tools

We published a survey paper. You can find it here:
Survey of Open Source Tools for Monitoring I/O & Storage Performance of HPC Systems

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