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Is there a way to start out in product development / project management right out of college?

I took a class on SDLC / Product development and ever since I've been fascinated by the idea of working on "planning & executing" something from scratch. Is it possible to directly get into product development / project management right out of college?

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Cat McGee

Just apply! There are junior roles. There are plenty of courses online that can help you prepare.

Or go down the route of business analysis -> product owner / project management. Starting in QA can also help get into management.

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Ben Halpern

I'd say one good approach would be..... apply for these roles. There are definitely junior PM roles, but even mid-level or unspecified level roles might just love your application and go with you.

You might get rejected a few times, but you also might just land that role...

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I've doing this for a year now, and seems like it definitely has a geographical component. For me its extra-ordinarily difficult to find Junior PM roles. After looking into it for a while, it seems like most Junior PM roles are concentrated in Europe, US and Singapore primarily - it kinda makes sense but sucks at the same time.

There are few opportunities here in India as well, but they usually require 5-10 Years of experience and I am not seeing many Associate/Junior PM roles.