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Jinjja - Best products no bs

After spending years trying to find the best products, best for the price and best in quality - doing it over and over, I finally decided to make something.

A lot of people, maybe even everyone - just wants to find the best possible product for a reasonable price. Be it a phone or a watch. Maybe even a cat!

Decision fatigue is a real problem, especially when you try and find out the best possible use for your money when buying something and hoping you don't get any buyer's remorse right after the purchase.

I made a website which would list the best products for the price, period. So you don't have to go through the hassle of avoiding all the marketing crap. Of-course these are all my opinions which you are free to disagree with, and maybe even open a PR suggesting if something better is available in the market.

Currently the list is small, since I am starting out but I plan to keep expanding it as I come across something worth buying. Consumerism.

Here's the site:

For people who are curious how I made this, I am using following tech.

  1. GitHub - Repo
  2. Cloudflare Pages - Hosting
  3. Hugo - An open-source static site generator
  4. Diary - Theme

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