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Soon-to-be Ruby on Rails --api Programmer (writing my first book)

Hi, I just wanna share my experience about teaching programming in Youtube vs writing books.

I'm a self taught programmers, I do read a lot and tried my best to completely understand the concept.
I started off with just recording my screen and explained how to do stuffs that I'm comfortable to share.

First just coding video,

Then I started looking for more ways to present the content by using papers.

I get around 200~600 views per day and about $0.20 per day. I do now know why the number isn't stable. But it's ok, I'm doing this for fun.

Then I think, I want to try writing a book. So I started writing one in Thai a couple of weeks back. It's difficult to write the first few chapters because there are so many things to explain. I'm now on Chapter 13 in Thai and at 126 pages.

The purpose of this book is actually to help my new employees to be able to start working on Ruby on Rails without having to bother their seniors. I want them to be able to gain enough knowledge and start asking more question about business not code.

Then I think, why not sell the book? So, I'm just posting this book (in Thai) in a few facebook groups I know. I didn't do any Ads, I'd like to focus on writing than doing Ads for now.

หนังสือเกิดอยากเขียน API ด้วย Ruby on Rails
Link to the book (Thai) => Leanpub

Before I started writing chapter 14, I'm translating my book to English. It's about 70% done and I'm excited to share.

Soon to be Ruby on Rails --api Programmer
Link to the book (English) => Leanpub

If you are about to start Ruby on Rails, please give my book a chance and please give me feedback.

Thank you very much.

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aquadrehz profile image

You book is amaing and got my. attention.
The tips is up-to-date and practical for real-word problem.
I'm sure to leave it to my junior whenever I need to hand-on my Rails project.

sakko profile image

thank you, i will keep writing