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Internet Connectivity: From Click to Connection

In the modern AI era we are thinking or concern about the repaid change of AI . Sometimes we forget how the internet works . As I am going to write series post about web development for MLOps or ML model deploy . Before staring the journey , we back into the some basic terms of internet.


The internet is a gold of modern technology. Ever wondered how, with a simple click, you're transported to a website ? Let's dive into the magic behind this virtual world.

When we type a website name such as "" into our browser, we're actually asking the internet to find the specific location of that site. But here's the catch: every website has a unique address known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. These addresses ( directs us to the right place on the internet.

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DNS (Domain Name System)

our internet guide. It's like a vast phone-book, translating the easy-to-remember website names into their numerical IP addresses. Once we hit enter, our request zips through our device to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Think of the ISP as the gateway to the internet superhighway.

The ISP takes our request and begins its journey, reaching out to DNS servers to decode the website name into its corresponding IP address. With this information in hand, the ISP navigates through the complex web of internet infrastructure, searching for the precise server hosting the website we seek.

Submarine Cable

But how do distant one point to other point servers/internet communicate across vast distances? Contrary to what you might expect, these cables are not above ground or in the sky but submerged deep underwater. Stretching across oceans, these cables connect continents, enabling seamless communication between servers in different regions.
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Consider this: you might be in Asia, but your ISP could connect you to a server in North America. The information you access travels through these underwater cables, facilitating a global exchange of data.

It's fascinating to note that this complex process unfolds within nanoseconds. Once the ISP finds the correct server, the desired web interface appears on our screens, seemingly effortlessly.

The internet, a vast web of interconnections, relies on these intricate mechanisms, blending technical wizardry with tangible infrastructure. It's an invisible yet integral part of our daily lives, connecting us to a wealth of information and experiences.

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