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Actions Hackathon Journey

saitejach127 profile image Sai Teja ・1 min read

So GitHub and Dev have partnered and released the new Github Actions Hackathon where you need to create a Github action that is useful to the open-source community. There are many topics like IoT or Deployments etc. but there is an option (Wacky Wildcards) where you're free to express your own ideas and build a solution.


So basically my idea is to reward the opensource contributors based on there commits and pull requests.

So the flow goes like this.
whenever an creator opens an open-source project they set rewarding points to the project as a secret and adds this GitHub action into his project. From there on whenever a contributor makes a pull request he is rewarded with those number of points which were set by the creator.

For storing the points I firstly thought of rewarding some cryptocurrency token but it involves the contributor to own a crypto wallet and many other problems. So to tackle this problem I have created a small Node application that keeps track of user and his points and then based on those points he can be rewarded.

This my first online hackathon and I'm excited to see how this works for me.

Contributions are highly encouraged

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Code for Actions Hackathon


Code for Actions Hackathon

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