Cover image for Trending Blackgold Theme  For Vscode 🌛 🌜 🌚 🌕 🌖

Trending Blackgold Theme For Vscode 🌛 🌜 🌚 🌕 🌖

saigowthamr profile image Sai gowtham Updated on ・1 min read

I just created a new theme called Black gold.Download now and enjoy
hidden features.Happy coding



blackgolden theme

Installation Procedure
1.Open Extensions sidebar panel in VS Code. View → Extensions
2.Search for blackgold
3.Click Install to install it.
4.Click Reload to reload your editor
5.Code > Preferences > Color Theme > Blackgold


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Rate the theme if you love.it helps to other people


you should add #vscode and/or #visualstudiocode to your tags.


Loving the color scheme 😻. Truly on point 👌