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Saifullah Usmani
Saifullah Usmani

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Time Management as a student and a freelance programmer

Hi, my name is Saifullah Usmani. I am a freelance Programmer. I have been programming for almost 6 years now. And I make websites (SaaS commonly) for my clients.

My mid-session exams just started. I have 3 SAAS projects and a load of stuff to study. I got to save grades and keep my reputation in front of my clients at the same time. Both of the things are equally important to me. I have to do the basics things in life too. I got to sleep well, I got to do exercise and spend some time with family and most importantly with myself too to stabilize all the chaos in the mind.
Suddenly I started doing so many things and I felt my mind hurting. I was trying to meet every expectations. I will study hard and become a topper of my class. I will make the SAAS my clients have never seen and they will say WOW instantly. I will do exercise like never before, I will transform into my dream self. I will study productivity, money making, personal development books and a lot more.
But tbh study alone takes all of my time because I am not very good at it so I got to spend more time to get better at it. The subjects are different and new to me. So I cannot do all of the other stuff, this causes tension.
I have to manage my time. But what is time management exactly? Do I have to do all of it in 24 hours? Can I do it in 24 hours? Theoretically, Yes! practically, No?
So I have concluded that somethings will get sacrificed. I have to let go of perfection and skip some things to make time. Time management doesn't work with too many things. It breaks. It becomes Time Allocation. Allocate time to not different parts of days but rather allocate time to different days of week.
Exercise 2 times a week rather than 5 times or everyday. Go out less, work on important projects more. Take more time from clients, Communicate. Dedicated time of day to study. Study throughout the day on different intervals. You cannot study all at once. Expand it over the day. Consume whole day rather than part of day. Keep working hard as this time will pass away too.

I think I have an exam tomorrow so I better study😁
Love you guys, see ya all soon! Bye❤

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