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How to pick better students as a freelancer+programmer

Hi, my name is Saifullah Usmani. I am a Programmer and a Graphic Designer. I have been programming for almost 5 years now. And I have worked with several freelance clients.

Today I wanna discuss with you guys the types of students that you should teach and the type of students that you should reject.
I have written a similar series on freelance guide where I discussed the same for which client to work for and which client to reject. Click to read that, if you are interested.

I have taught many students/people online, on how to become freelancer/programmer/graphic designer etc. And I have learned a few lessons that I would like to discuss.

So basically there are two types of students when if comes to programming or freelancing in general. One wants to earn money and the other wants to level up the skills because they have passion for it.

Both are worth teaching because both have valid reasons. But what differentiates them in their mind-sets.

There are two mind-sets when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Growth mindset **and **fixed mindset.

Whom you should teach?
The growth mindset one. Fixed mindset people do deserve your knowledge but not necessarily from you. I tried and wasted so many time. I regret that.

Now you have got the idea. It is up to you to study about growth mindset and fixed mindset. And if you have any tip then please share it with me so I can become better at teaching interested people my knowledge!

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