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Saifullah Usmani
Saifullah Usmani

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My Weird But Effective Trick To Learn Any Programing Language In A Day.

Hello, I am a passionate programmer. I was introduced to programming when I was 13, via a google search on "How To Make Games".
Since then I have always wanted to get good at programming. I found unity3D Game Engine as a result of that google search. Which lead me to the path of learning C#.

Analyzing My Progress After 2 Years

After 2 Years into unity and C#, I realized that I am not good at programming and I cannot code without the help of tutorials, So that was the point in my life where I felt I am doing something wrong.
And then I started to research more about C# and found out that the C# I am learning in unity is just a framework and the real C# is something different. And C# can be used to build other stuff too(How silly of me).

Road To Learning Programming Languages Properly

Now was the time that I start learning programming properly. I decided to get started with learning the easiest languages Html and CSS(I know they are not real programming languages).

Something Amazing Happened

I was able to learn HTML in just 1 day and CSS in the next day. And I build my own site on the third day.
Fortunately it was not by luck or any extraordinary IQ level But It was possible through a strategy I created and followed.

The Strategy

So the strategy is pretty simple but not easy. You have to follow these steps to learn any programming language fast.

  1. Take pen and paper.
  2. Open up a full course on YouTube.
  3. Take notes by writing syntax on one side and its purpose on the other side.
  4. Take note of definitions so you can explain to someone else or just understand the use of syntax better.
  5. Practice each syntax and try to do something on your own with that syntax practically on the computer.
  6. Watch the whole 2–4 hour course like an eccentric and follow all 5 steps.
  7. Close the tutorial and relax.
  8. Sleep nice.
  9. Wake up and revise each syntax from the notes.
  10. Build something exciting.
  11. Start learning another language or just build projects. You are good to go. Believe it or not but I did it and since then I never forgot the syntax of HTML or CSS. Later I learned Python and then my journey never stopped. I would love to listen to your story of learning your first programming language.

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