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Don't neglect this as a beginner programmer

I used to neglect this thing as well until I started doing programming seriously.

Hi, my name is Saifullah Usmani. I am a Programmer and a Graphic Designer. I have been programming for almost 5 years now. And I have worked with several freelance clients.

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What beginner programmers neglect?

They neglect the basics, they neglect the theory and focus on practicality.

It is not bad and it is the fastest way to get started. But without a base the building will only fall. It won't rise enough.

Remembering syntax is not the thing. Remembering what is does under the hood makes you a good logic builder.

And you are paid for good logic not for spaghetti code.

If you understand the real function behind syntax of programming languages you will be able to learn any programming language in a day. It is same for every high level programming language. You have loops, conditional statements, functions/classes, variables, data types, error handling and helper functions.
It is same for every language and if you understand what they do you can then learn the syntax and use them as you see fit for the specific problem.

But if you don't understand the puzzle pieces you will obviously put them in the wrong order. And the wrong order is what makes your code useless.

Good understanding of these functions will allow you to talk to computer as you talk to humans. You will be able to transfer what you have in mind to code just like you do general languages with humans.

After learning the base theory I am now able to transfer the logic I come up with in my mind for a specific problem to code. If I don't know the syntax I google it, because syntax is not what humans are supposed to remember because computers can do that too. We are humans we have to have the thinking which computers lack. That is what I do in order to solve problems that even stack overflow don't have because when working for client they will obviously try to come up with something unique that is maybe never done before.

So if you are good with logic you are unstoppable with the power of code.

That's it for today, hope you found the answer to some questions that beginners usually have in mind and what makes experienced programmer different from them.

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