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Quick Summary on Python

Invented By Guido Van Rossum in 1989, but publicly Python was available in 20th February 1991.

Name Python was drived from a comedy circus show named "Monty Python's Flying Circus" which comes on BBC in late 1970s.

The main purpose of this Intro is below ---

11 mind boggling Features of Python :-

  1. Simple and Easy to learn.

  2. Free to use and huge community supported.

  3. High level language i.e Understandable to anyone.

  4. Procedure as well as Object Oriented Programming language.

  5. Extensible.

  6. Portable.

  7. Platform independent.

  8. Interpreted language.

  9. Dynamically typed language.

  10. Embedded.

  11. Extensive libraries.

Bonus - Python idle shell works on a principle of REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop)

Thank you!
Hope it's helpful.

Stay tune for the next part about Basics of Python.

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