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I don't need to use Postman anymore

Before going what to use instead of Postman.
First of all a brief description about Postman.
Inshort Postman is an application used for API testing.

It is a separate application which makes it annoying sometimes to switch from editor to application.

So how can we escape it 🙃
Is there is any solution 🤔

Yes there is!!
If you are a VS code user use this extension to save your space and time.

Download this Extension
Thunder Client
thunder client image

After downloading click on the left vertical side at three dots to activate thunder client on VS CODE.


Then click on NEW REQUEST to send request like you send on Postman after that following will open on new tab.

Image of Vs code

Hope you love it Thanks for reading ❤️

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Travis Fantina

This is pretty cool. I've never been a fan of Postman it feels clunky with way too many features like using a pile-driver when a hammer would do. Not a VScode plugin but I really like Insomnia.

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Jakob Christensen

Also check out the REST Client extension for at very light weight an cool way to do HTTP requests from the VSCode editor.

saifullah profile image

Thanks alot will try😇