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Working on Schema based database first time.

Started career one and half year back never touched the SQL database in there. so I decided to check it out for a curiosity, my previous experience was on Google Datastore, MongoDB it is my first time on a schema based Database, coding is my hobby and I'm finding happiness in that, I have few projects on gitlab, so I pulled one of my MongoDB based projects and started changing code base the starting was port 27017 to 3306. mongo repository to crud repository and few annotations.

After the basic setup, I just found the use of use of Hibernate annotations which I terrible missed on MongoDB. such as

@OneToOne @ManyToOne @OneToMany @ManyToMany @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn @JoinColumn @JoinTable @MapsId.

will keep update here once I can able find the huge differences on that.

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Raphael Londner

Hi Saif, maybe my blog post of MongoDB's latest JSON Schema Validation support can help?

Let me know,

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saif ali

Hi Raphael,
Thanks for your reply and will look into that blog. May i know is there any workbench tool for mongodb?