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Lego House and new generation web development.

Maybe this article is purely my intuition on the web development, it's been one and a half year I'm working with a web app, quite a lot of things I learned from here. On my exploring free time I read and implemented few projects, last night I was linking them with the Lego toys but it was almost matching and the web development has more fun than the lego.

Let's Look into what is lego? I hope most of know what it is and how we use it?


The official home of the toy building brick with links to products, games, videos, the LEGO® Shop, LEGO history, fan creations and our help center. ( from the official doc )

Example of Lego house

web app

The new generation web also has lot of building bricks with linking products, like CSS file, js files and a lot of other cdn files.

Example of Lego house

What makes difference?

You have to pay money to get for each lego price ( even though it came as a package).

You can get the almost all cdn files for free from various cdn servers like Cloudflare it will fit almost all your needs.

Let's have a look at a web app development.

I wish to create a basic note-taking application,
Step 1: use cdn for framework ( bootstrap, Semantic UI ,.....)
Step 2: use cdn for JS Library ( Jquery*, angular or react ....)
Step 3: use the tinymce library.
Step 4: use backend code.

It is very basic steps to create a web, when i ever i create a web i feel its kind of lego toy.

Cheers :D

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Juan De los santos

I thought the same when I started to learn ReactJS. Once you create the main general components everything becomes like a piece of lego that you can handle in different ways across the project or even use it in others.

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Stefan Neculai

I see that you're using TinyMCE. I'm one of the devs who made the Froala Editor. Have you seen it? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.

saifali40 profile image
saif ali

TinyMCE is free so I'm using it