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Learn BigData from Google Cloud Platform.

Yes, I added ML ( Machine learning ) to the post. I know it will be confusing for some people why I tagged ML to the post, well the Machine learning basically need some data to learn. Google's Big query has it. Google big query has an option to create a machine learning model, But I will not be taking you to Machine learning in this part.

Let's get to business, people who want to learn big query (big data) can use your google accounts they provide free sandbox option for you.

Step 1:

( You can choose any environment, we are not going to deploy anything to the cloud for now. if you are interested I can write about that too.)

You can skip this if you already have a project in GCP.

Step 2:
go to big query (


Make sure that you have selected the correct project name.

Step 3:
We need some sample data, let's take the Noaa Tsuanmi historical runups, it has tsunami runups from BC2000. the total number of records 27057 ( date on Apr 7, 2019 ).

To use that you can click on the + ADD DATA. ADD DATA

Click Explore public datasets.

Step 4:

In search type tsunami ( you can choose any public datasets, but I'm showing the tsunami for now. )

Step 5:
Click view dataset, it will automatically add to your dataset.

Now make sure that you can see the public datasets
public datasets

Step 6:
Now let's do some queries.

Here I'm going to query to get all runups from 2000BC and I want to see the results.


you guys might be noticed that I'm using SQL to query in big query, answer for that yes.

I'll take the count by country now.

SELECT  country, count(*) counts FROM  `bigquery-public-data.noaa_tsunami.historical_runups` AS runnups
GROUP BY country


So of you noticed that i used AS in query SELECT country, count(*) counts FROMbigquery-public-data.noaa_tsunami.historical_runupsAS runnups will explain that in the next part.

Now you can explore the bigquery by yourself.

*) I was not familiar with SQL queries till last month. I learned it for learning big query and followed machine learning.
*) Big query has a lot of features that can't be done in SQL.
*) Please explore something new in big query use #bigquery while adding the article so we all can catch up easily.

Happy Learning <3

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