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3 days, 370 commits to master, 399 commits to all branches And a Disaster


In August 2018, severe flooding affected Kerala state in India due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. Kerala's worst floods in nearly a century, over 330 people died while at least 661,000 were displaced and all 14 districts of the state, were placed on high alert.


Kerala IEEE chapter and other developers came up with a plan to coordinate all rescue and relief operations. There was no room for agile or scrum just git issues and git pull request and aggressive development. The site became helpful and still more people using the same website for requesting food and water. the developers work day night voluntarily.

From Github
Excluding merges, 75 authors have pushed 370 commits to master and 399 commits to all branches. On the master, 124 files have changed and there have been 5,264 additions and 176 deletions.

Repo: and MIT licensed.

Well I know it will not be a good time to ask about a donation, but in fact, I should have to ask for a donation cause the total loss of around 2 billion Rupees.

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Theofanis Despoudis

Wow, talk about crowdsourcing