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Try something different this Hacktoberfest. May be a Freshworks App?

Maybe you are coding and simply switched tab to read some blog? Or Maybe you are scrolling through feed and accidentally found this. Whatever the reason is, thanks for stopping by.

Is this worth my time?

I am a Developer Advocate working at Freshworks Inc. As beginners, we have always learnt programming by building something like

  1. A To-Do list App
  2. A Pomodoro App
  3. Something similar to quiz games

While that's good, every beginner sometimes is not able to think beyond them. So they google again to only find themselves seeing similar ideas. Again.

But, Would there be beginners out there who would understand problems of sales, support, and marketing teams?

  1. An app that will remind a support representative to take a break every 60 minutes?
  2. An app to show sales representative the details of the product exactly when the customer needs to learn about it?

The same Pomodoro app can help support person take some rest every 25 min and the same to do list can help a sales guy remember all the details that a customer needs.

If you find this interesting, may be you might want to stick along and read further.

A Freshworks App

Alt Text

  1. What you are looking at above image is a support agent using Freshdesk software. Which is not interesting to us.
  2. What is interesting is Freshworks App on the right corner. It is an app that will display all the attachments involved in one place from a long conversation. Doesn't that save a ton of time for a support representative?

That's what a Freshworks App is. It just runs like a regular web-app built with HTML, CSS and JS. Building a Pomodoro app in that place will give a beginner much more value to their resume because it paints a much larger picture to the person seeing your resume.

Above is an example. Freshworks' has multiple products where your app can run within. Also they can have a larger viewports for your apps or they can be entirely serverless or even both.


You may not end up building apps for Freshworks. That's okay. Myself telling you to do that, would be sales.

Almost everywhere, you might want to build an app that would look something similar to building a Freshworks App

  1. A Chrome Extension
  2. A Slack App
  3. A GSuite Add-on

So, your experience would be valuable.

How to build one?

We tried to put down a tutorial that can help you explore by building one such app.


Assuming you might already know about Hacktoberfest and learning to build an entire app can be time consuming. We created some tasks as issues for you to simply gain some familiarity before you choose to invest your time.

We have some of the code samples for the developer community who refer to on a regular basis. So we picked up some small tasks like refactoring and reorganising sample app codes for especially for beginners to make quick Pull requests(PRs).

Find Freshworks Samples App repository and dive into issues. Try following up the tasks described in the issues. Those would be helpful.

If you prefer bit more challenging tasks, look out for tags those don't have good first issue tag. We are hoping to help at least 100 developers make PRs to be one among first 10 PRs in their career this Hacktoberfest 2020.

So try something different this Hacktoberfest. May be contributing to a Freshworks App Samples?

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Ashish Khare😎

Nice heads up! I'll surely try it this October.
Thank you!

karthiknayak98 profile image

Good initiative

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Colin Hehn

I’ve been trying to find things to work on for this October, thank you!!