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Do you know jQuery removed from Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap has been using jQuery for more than 8 years but in Bootstrap 5 jQuery querying features will have to be done with pure or vanilla JavaScript code which will help with the file size or weight of the framework.

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shrihankp profile image

King is a King. A king has to retire from the post in his life; a king never dies, and so do jQuery. jQuery dominated the web back in the 90's to 2010's. Now, pure Vanilla JavaScript has evolved too much since. It was a good decision to drop jQuery which reduces the bundle size 👍

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Tadeu Barbosa

Yes, I known. I used JQuery for a long time, it was amazing. JQuery has transformed the Ethernet. Nowadays the pure javascript can do more things than on the past.

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Dendi Handian

Yes, I'm waiting for any libraries like Datatables and Select2 gone vanilla js.