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Becoming a software engineer is good?

There is never been a better time to become a software engineer. The profession allows analytical thinkers to build the products and services that shape the world. solve problems that affect millions of people, and be at the forefront of technological innovation. Coding plays a big role in software engineering, but it is only one of many core skills software engineers possess.

The profession is consistently ranked among the top in the world for its number of job openings, future job prospects, and work-life balance. Software engineers enjoy competitive salaries—an entry-level software engineer in the United States has an average salary exceeding $100,000, according to Indeed.

So, is software engineering a good path for you to follow? I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t find a job near home and don’t feel like moving or wasting time commuting. And I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like computers or screens, of course. But I suggest you try it if you think you’re up for a challenge and a new world of possibilities.

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