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Konchada Sai Ansul
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Top 5 Tech Gadgets under ₹1000

Hello Guys, Welcome back to a new post of Sai Ansul's Blog. In this blog, I have got for you some very innovative tech gadgets which will help in our daily lives.

The criteria under which the gadgets are selected is listed below:

-Pocket Safe

  • Self-tested
  • Good Review
  • Easily available

Now let's start,

1. SSBright Portable Wooden Speaker

This is Bluetooth speaker which has a funky wooden radio reason. This has a good bass, with decent audio quality. This a good one for price around ₹759. This has an input of DC-5V,with 10m coverage.
Can Directly play music from USB/TF-card/Line-in cable/all kind of audio devices through Line in cable Designed to charge most handheld devices and smartphones. It supports all types of devices.

2. Electronics Case Zipper

This is a very helpful gadget, it has many pockets to keep all your electronics organized at one place, the gadgets that you can keep are USB Flash Drives Data Earphone Cable Case Organizer Bag Digital Storage Pouch. For various cable, power bank, flash drive, memory card, SD cards,7.9”pad, USB drive, cellphone, charger, mouse, kindle, tablet and other accessories. This comes with 3 color designs, this is of a good quality, double layered nylon. And its waterproof too. At a price of ₹499 its worth every penny you pay.

3. Vlogging Mike

This one of the best mike if you want to vlog, and if you are a beginner this one can be for you, this mike has a 20ft cable with aux outlet, you can connect with laptop, mobile, tablet and more. This also has noise cancellation and record crystal clear voice. It just costs ₹759.

## 4. Anti-theft bag

This is an anti-theft bag, its water proof and has many spaces to keep your electronics organized. It just costs ₹849.
Using this bag you can also charge your phone, it also has many other features. You can check it out.

5. Gaming Mouse

This is USB mouse which is mostly liked by gamers, it has a funky design. It has 7 gaming operational keys. It has a rubber grip at the sides, its sturdy if you are a gamer you can have a look at this one.
It just costs ₹499, it gives you a very comfortable fell while having gameplay, it also has lights in it.

This for it today guys, These gadgets are useful if you like you can also buy these.

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