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What are Video SDK?

What is a video SDK?

Video SDK is (Software Development Kit) an end-to-end solutions in Real-time Audio and Video Programmable Cloud APIs and SDKs, Scalable low latency live streaming APIs with flawless adaptive streaming, Video hosting, encoding, and streaming APIs technology provider.

video cloud experience providers, enabling the opportunities for developers to integrate engagement for their products, supporting 98% devices. supports its products in a majority of sectors like health, gaming, education, retail, social, and more. At present, has provided complete solutions to more than 100 countries and regions.

We solve the major pain points, delivering quality experience and documentation for developers considering affordability.

1) Scalability and high availability
2) Saving research and development costs
3) smooth, stable and serverless experience
4) Supporting maximum device reach works on the idea of cutting-edge technology providing:

1) products with quality support
2) Adaptive communication and streaming
3) Cross platform compatibility Powerful GPU Pocessing & let’s understand today what is offering. If I give you the basic introduction of the company, it's a startup & provides amazing “Software Development Kits” to developers. In brief, you just give us the idea of a video feature you want to build in your product & boom!! We can help! Frankly, it’s thrilling me out. So, let’s move!!!!

E-learning solutions These all tools can be built with Video SDK ZOOM-like video calling function can be developed, Miro kind of whiteboard function. Udemy, coursera & EdeX are hosting video courses on their platform, anyone can be the tutor over there and sell their pre-recorded course. So, if you want to build something like this, yup we can help. --- U-tube, ahh.. It’s my favourite tool. Yeah, technically you can make your own community of your niche, anyone can become a creator, people can watch them and you can become owner of such a platform --- unacademy, we all know it. They are doing amazing by teaching through laaiv and recorded courses

Live commerce solutions masters at creating engagement and so it manages to draft one for the e-commerce industry as well. As e-commerce dwells some of its part with live commerce it makes a huge area for the customers designing products with the mindset of the client. This has helped brands to create a strong client base for their companies. It helps brands to retent viewers for long to their streams, creating a lasting impression.

virtual events! Covid has taught us that wonderful events can be hosted virtually as well. Here are some great tools which are doing that, you must check them out. Airmeet, hubilo & hopin are gaining popularity with audio+video events & how can we forget Clubhouse, where Elon Musk appeared in audio channel! Zoom & crowd compass are saving a lot of time spent in organizing events like, sending email reminders, gathering attendees data, removing bad words from chatbox, and many more things

Telehealth Covid has literally forced us to think twice before visiting any clinic or hospital and these apps are taking advantage of this fear! Video in the Future of Telemedicine, Doctor on demand, talkspace, MD laaiv, amwell & SR Health, these all apps are doing amazing jobs. All you need to do is just enter your diagnosis in their app and select a doctor from whom you want to have consultation & you can schedule a call. Honestly, there’s huge scope in this field. I must advise you to build this kind of tool with videos dk .laaiv, you can solve the actual problem of your audience

Ohh my god! I love this part! You must have observed that the majority of the viral games in the market have either audio or video room functions, you can play the game along with your friend either in 2D, 3D or VR games. Call-of-duty, my favourite pub-g & even GTA can be added in this list. What is pub-g? It’s a specified version of GTA which is handy on your mobile & still you can play in real time with friends. I remember, we used to go to cybercafe daily to play these games with friends. Audio rooms in - words with friends, ludo king & bigo live have given them an edge in the gaming industry

O-T-T platforms are the best to watch amazing movies, my saturday-sundays are always being spent on prime video & netflix, it always depends on how much best content you can deliver to your audience. But for that, you need to build a video hosting feature, right? Here’s where video sdk laaiv comes into the picture

Now as a developer or user, your question should be ‘OKAY!! So, how to start?” let me answer, go on videos dk .laaiv website. It looks like this & click on the “Start Project” button. Login with google or github ID, verify yourself, Generate API Key from the dashboard & refer to our simple but advanced documentation. We have sample codes also available for each of such projects in github open-source

So, what are you waiting for? C'mon man, Go and start implementing your idea, it costs nothing & for queries write us anytime here in email or just whatsapp us. Would be happy to help! --- in the next videos, I am going to focus on the prices of each Video SDK. Stay tuned!!

Thank you.

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