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Best Way to Learn Rust

saedarm profile image Sam A ・1 min read

Hi all, just starting out learning Rust, and was curious what the best way to go about it would be. I have two books on the subject:

Zero to Production in Rust:
An Opinionated Introduction to Backend Development

Luca Palmieri

and of course
The Rust Programming Language


Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols

What are some other ways to gain practical knowledge here?

I have access to Pluralsight through work and can do Rust Foundations, but are there are any Udemy Courses that are recommended?
I know this has great reviews, but I'm curious of its worth
The Rust Programming Language ?

And too, I guess I'm curious what path people take. I'm interested of course in web development, but is it worth it to tackle 2D gaming development with Rust as well?

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Gealber Morales

There's a tutorial on YouTube by Tensor Programming, that is pretty good. It also has a lot of practical tutorial. Check it out. Here is an into video

I'm trying to learn rust and this is a good resource in my opinion.

justisgipson profile image

I've been working through the Rust book + rustlings. Rustlings has been a great tool for me at least. They use a forced debugging approach

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